I Wrote About Batman

I tried for about ten hours to pretend I was above commenting on the fact that Ben Affleck is the new Batman. Then I wrote about it for Esquire. You should go and check it out. I hope that this doesn’t impact our friendship, Ben. I’ve really come to enjoy our weekend Froyo dates.

Esquire thing – JET BIKES.

Ahoy. I wrote a thing for Esquire earlier today, concerning rocket-powered bicycles. No, seriously. Click here and read it.  You’d think someday my lust for all things related to cycling would abate, but it seems I’m insatiable.

In which I (surprisingly) come to the defense of Adam Levine

Oh hello. I wrote a little piece that just went up at Esquire. Take a gander and make sure to put your responses and criticism in the form of a Maroon 5 lyric. Click here!