File under: nerdy reads

Someone on the twitter alerted me to this fun back and forth between Kazuo Ishiguro and Neil Gaiman about genre. If you read books a lot and no longer have to worry about people jacking your lunch money because of how much of a geek you are, you should click here and read it.

I don’t know Kaz – like, I know he’s a well-respected writer and I would like to get to him sometime in the next few years, but holy shit my book pile – but he asks some interesting questions. And Neil, though I’ve fallen pretty seriously out of love with him each successive book, is fun to read when he’s talking about books and writing and creativity and all that TED-Talky-bullshit. He’s like Stephen King to me in a way at this point; I’d love to hang out with the dude, but I feel like once you’ve read one of the books, you’ve pretty much read them all.