I’ve also written a few nonfiction pieces you might enjoy; my pals at Esquire (look at how insufferable a name-dropper I am!) have been sweet enough to publish some of them. Hopefully they’ll continue to do so, as will an ever-expanding roster of others with inexplicably low standards and a crack-like need for content. Look:


On smooth pop crooner Adam Levine and his SECRET TERRORIST SYMPATHIES

On Will Smith and the Glory of the Most Important Film in Human History – and its Impending Sequels.

On Russell Crowe, Concussions, and Extraterrestrials. 

The Millions:

On Richard Matheson and the unfair intermingling of his legacy with Cameron Diaz and CGI completed using MS Paint.

Chamber Four: 

Over at Chamber Four, a summary of my booze-fueled writerly adventures on twitter