Read this: an essay I wrote on shit movies and good books.

I wrote an essay for The Millions about some film adaptations of the work of recently deceased author Richard Matheson. It’s kind of long and wordy, but I’d love it if you took a second to read it, if only to partially justify how long I actually spent watching Cameron Diaz and James Marsden in a ...


  I don’t aspire to be any more than this – a well-regarded dude who shows up at places and does cool things. Also, I would like to receive some large percentage of the royalties from Caddyshack.

Sounds Like

I started reading Divisadero this morning. I won’t bore you with how fabulous it is (effortlessly terrific thus far), but I will mention that shortly after I plucked the book off my shelf, I got in bed, quietly opened my phone’s web browser, and googled How to Pronounce Michael Ondaatje. I realize that as a literary scholar ...

Esquire thing – JET BIKES.

Ahoy. I wrote a thing for Esquire earlier today, concerning rocket-powered bicycles. No, seriously. Click here and read it.  You’d think someday my lust for all things related to cycling would abate, but it seems I’m insatiable.

In which I (surprisingly) come to the defense of Adam Levine

Oh hello. I wrote a little piece that just went up at Esquire. Take a gander and make sure to put your responses and criticism in the form of a Maroon 5 lyric. Click here!