New thing to read!

The ever-entertaining rapscallions at Chamber Four posted a little thing I wrote. It’s up as of this morning, so as usual, go and bask in the glory. If you’re not yet a fan of twitter, it’s going to be really, really annoying for you.

Inspiration, Part Deux

Inspiration, Part Deux
Cormac and Three Six Mafia. I might print this, frame it, and hang it on the wall in my office.


I’m writing this collection of short stories. The very notion of thinking about doing such a thing is inherently antithetical to making any sort of meaningful money; that is to say that people are not by and large rushing into bookstores, viciously elbowing the elderly out of the way, to feverishly yank the last copy of the newest ...

Bad at internet

Hi, I’m clearly really bad at having a professional, secure website as an author; maybe that helpfully illustrates the fact that I’d like to be an author, after all, and not a programmer or a webmaster or any other appropriate buzzword. In any case, this is a roundabout way of saying that my site went ...